Volunteering at Threshold was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in a long time. I really loved interacting with the members and felt my contributions actually made a real difference.
— Duke Student and Project Build Team Member


Threshold is always looking for those of you with time and talent to share. We have many wonderful ways for you to choose to support us. If you are interested in joining with us you can contact Elizabeth Barber at (919) 682-4124 or email her at e.barber@thresholdclubhouse.org

Students with Duke's ProjectBUILD, class of 2019.


IT Assistance – Like most non-profits IT services often default to “who knows more than me? – mentality” To that end, we more than welcome the support of a good IT person on a monthly basis to support our network, web page and general computer maintenance.

Computer Class – We need someone with computer literacy who can teach our members how to use the computer including word, publisher and the internet. This person will possess the ability to work with folks with limited education and limited exposure to computers.

Budget Class – We welcome the skills of someone who can teach effective budgeting to our members. Though this activity is built into the Kitchen and Snack Bar Units we are always trying to reach all of our members with this skill.


Project Specific – We are always working to improve the facility both inside and out. We often need groups to help with these endeavors. A group is defined as 5-10 folks. To learn more about what projects are currently in progress contact Elizabeth Barber at (919) 682-4124 or e.barber@thresholdclubhouse.org for more details.

Youth/Young Adult Volunteers – Youth must be rising High School students if planning on supporting us without chaperones. If students are well chaperoned, Threshold is happy to work with students that are in middle school. All middle school aged youth will be assigned to project based volunteer opportunities. High school youth/young adults will work within the Clubhouse as well as support project specific goals.

Arts & Crafts – We enjoy having local artists come and engage our members in their respective medium. We also utilize those crafts created by our members and volunteers to sell at “Alternative Giving Fairs” and in our in-house Thrift Store.

Reach out, we'd love to hear from you.