work ordered day

As part of Threshold's rehabilitative program, members participate in one or more of the Units within the Clubhouse. All unit work is designed to develop pre-vocational and independent living skills for our members. All new members orient into the Clubhouse by participating in each of the four Units in order to learn all of the intricacies of the day to day functioning of the Clubhouse.

Snack Bar

In our Snack Bar, members prepare the menus for breakfast and lunch. Members and staff grocery shop to the menus that have been planned for the week. In addition, this unit offers information about budgeting, working in a fast paced customer centered environment and learning to practice "soft" retail skills. Additionally, members learn to use a cash register and prepare the end of the day cash deposit for the unit.


The Clerical unit is a major hub for the Clubhouse. In this unit members learn to prepare Medicaid billing, prepare and disseminate the monthly newsletter, assist with new referrals, provide support to newly referred members, answer phones, maintain attendance records, inventory agency supplies and assist with supply ordering.

Career services

This Unit engages members in developing the skills needed to search for and secure employment. This is done through learning to write a resume, searching the internet for jobs and when desired, participating in Employment Discussions that happen twice per month. In addition, members in this Unit work on activities associated with helping to increase the agency's community presence through advocacy, fundraising efforts and increasing our social media footprint.


Our Kitchen unit is responsible for serving lunch to the majority of our daily participants. This unit prepares menus, budgets, shops to the menu. Meals are prepared following recipes and learning to cook for up to 30 people daily. Meals in this unit blend nutrition with functionality. Many of the meals prepared in our Kitchen unit utilize vegetables grown in our very own organic garden.

Chiv’n & Thriv’n, Threshold’s Organic Garden

In the spring of 2010 Threshold embarked on developing an organic garden. This garden was created with the support of an Eagle Scout candidate, Wood Morgan. Wood with the support his troop, Troop 451, his family and staff of Threshold was able to design and build our 25′ x 50′ raised bed organic garden. The garden serves as a place of nutritional support for the meals we prepare daily as well as serenity for members and staff. The garden also serves as a way to off set costs associated with providing healthy meals to our members for just $1 daily.

social/recreation and education

Members interrupt loneliness and isolation through a variety of social activities. Programming takes place on Thursday's from 4:30-7:00 and on weekends. Activities are determined by the members. Educational classes are offered weekly on Tuesday's from 1:00-3:00 with the support of an instructor from Durham's Literacy Center.

Health & wellness

We offer health and wellness class on Monday's from 1:30-2:00 where we discuss topics generated by members. We have also joined with community supports from the Durham Diabetes Coalition and a nutritionist from the Durham County Health Department


We meet to address ways to #stigmabust especially with our elected officials. At least twice a year we visit Raleigh to speak with members from our Legislature regarding issues that affect the mentally ill. We also like to send Thank You cards when we notice excellent work being done by our elected officials.